Empowering children and women with sand dams

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Jane Kisulu - farmer
Jane Kisulu is a member of the Tukille self-help group in southeast Kenya. Jane has seen her life, and the lives of her children and community members transformed following the build of a local sand dam.

Jane's children used to walk 2 hours every day to collect water. The sand dam built close to Jane's home has now cut down that journey to five minutes, giving her children more time for school.


Jane now has surplus cow peas to sell during the harvest; cow peas can be grinded down to make dishes such as soup and chapati).


Jane and Excellent's Digital Media Manager, Dwain Lucktung, meeting at Jane's village in February 2016.

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The sand dam and work with our supporters has helped our group stay together, to achieve the same goals… for these reasons, we are happier.

Jane Kisulu, a member of the Tukille self help group and community in southeast Kenya


Did you know...

UKAID is providing funding over 3 years for 20 communities to improve food security through increased access to water (via 62 sand dams) and food production in Makueni County, Kenya.



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