From 10 hours uphill to a 10 minute walk for water

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Faith Kiio feels happier and healthier not having to spend 10 hours a day going up and down a hill (pictured here in the background) to fetch water from an old spring.

Faith now has over 200 trees, and can grow over 50kg of maize, over 50kg of green grams and over 50kg of pigeon peas thanks to nearby sand dams.

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We were given new ideas, enabled to do things we could not do before… unlike other NGOs (in this case) we were empowered with skills and knowledge to help ourselves.

Faith Kiio, farmer and mother from the Nathangyu East B community


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Did you know...

UKAID is providing funding over 3 years for 20 communities to improve food security through increased access to water (via 62 sand dams) and food production in Makueni County, Kenya.



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