Breaking the cycle of deforestation

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Stephen Mwanzia takes great pride is his farm, and is working hard with his training and community to give his children opportunities that his own parents couldn't give him.

Stephen's community preparing their crops and tree nurseries for the harvest.


A shallow well based near the sand dam allows the Watuka community members to easily access water less than 5 minutes away from their home.

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Other charities only support parts of a community, or parts of a problem. It’s too short-term... but when hearing that a sand dam was proven to be a long-term project that positively affected every part of a community’s lives, we decided to give it a try.

Stephen Mwanzia, farmer and Chairman of the Watuka community.


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Did you know...

UKAID is providing funding over 3 years for 20 communities to improve food security through increased access to water (via 62 sand dams) and food production in Makueni County, Kenya.



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