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Ruth Masai talks about the difference a reliable source of water is making to her life.

Ruth Masai
Ruth Masai is a member of the Athiani Farmers self-help group
Athiani Farmers SHG_Sand Dam 12038DLO_September 2012 3 - Copy

The Athiani Farmers self-help group built their first sand dam in September 2012

Athiani Farmers SHG_Sand Dam Terracing_August_2012 2

Members of the Athiani Farmers self-help group are digging terraces on their land to reduce water run-off

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This area does not receive much rainfall and the water harvested in sand dams will really benefit us. The sand dams will reduce the distance covered to water points from 2.5 kilometers to half a kilometer. The time I will save will be spent on growing vegetables.

Ruth Masai, Athiani Farmers self-help group


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768 million people in the world currently don't have access to an improved source of drinking water.

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