Africa Sand Dam Foundation

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Africa Sand Dam Foundation (ASDF) is the strategic partner of Excellent Development. They work closely with rural communities in Kenya to improve access to water, food production, health and incomes.


ASDF support rural communities in Kenya to build sand dams.


Sand dams are the cheapest method of rainwater harvesting in drylands - saving communities hours of time from collecting water.


With the time saved, ASDF supports rural communities to sustainably improve their environment...


...and grow more food for improved health and poverty alleviation.


It is the shared vision of ASDF and Excellent Development that sand dams will transform millions of lives.


ASDF Excecutive Director, Cornelius Kyalo Matheka.


ASDF Developement Director, Musila Silu.

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Working in an area hit hard by drought and creating awareness of new and different ways of farming is challenging. We may not change the whole world but one life, one day at a time – that’s really fulfilling. I look forward to 3 or 4 years down the line, to be able to track and see the kind of impact that we have had on people’s lives.

Stephen Musyoka, Monitoring, Evaluation and Training Manager at ASDF

Registered in England & Wales No. 4432166. Registered charity No. 1094478