Long-term help from The Charitable Foundation

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Members of the Nzengu Ngomani self-help group are planting vegetables beside a sand dam

A TCF funded dam one month after completion

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A scoop hole in one of the dams built with the TCF grant in 2013.

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Steve Killelea with his wife Debbie, visiting our work in rural southeast Kenya in 2013.

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I think sand dams are the innovation I've seen in the last five years which has excited me the most. Quite often innovations which we see - they sound good in the west - but when you get down on the ground, a lot of them aren't so innovative or necessarily practical and have limited uses. The potential for sand dams is astronomical.

Steve Killelea, The Charitable Foundation

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How we support rural communities

Steve Killelea

Following a successful global high tech business career, Steve Killelea established TCF as a family foundation. Through the family's travels, they witnessed the struggles of the world's poor and dedicated TCF to substantially help as many people as possible from among the poorest of the poor.

Steve also chairs the Institute of Economics and Peace which, in 2014, launched it's 8th annual Global Peace Index.


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